Unique Measuring Method

The technical condition of the water supply network is inspected with the patented AquaTrioscope® measuring method. With this unique method we can find the weakest and the most critical pipelines in the water supply network. With this dimensional accuracy information our customers are able to target the renovation operations to the just right pipelines instead of targeting them based on, say, the age of the pipes.

The condition inspection easily and accurately

What is being inspected? The AquaTrioscope® measuring method inspects the condition of the water supply network. The measuring results of the water flow properties (pressure and flow) and the water sample’s quality parameters are utilized to calculate the technical condition of the pipelines.

How to inspect? The inspections are run through the hydrants. The inspections do not cause any interrupts of water use nor any hygiene risk.

What do you gain from the inspections? The information generated by the AquaTrioscope® measuring method makes it easy to detect the most weakest parts of the pipelines and then prioritize the renovation operations to the pipelines that most urgently need renovations.

Pipeline Technical Risk Analysis

The AquaTrioscope® measuring method generates information that can be utilized in detecting the most weakest parts of the pipelines and prioritizing the renovations. It also can use as a technical risk analysis of the pipelines.

Money optimizing

Prioritizing and accurate targeting of the renovation operations saves substantial sums of money. For a Water Utility, as a water producer, this means the ability to direct the funds to just the right destinations, streamlining its work, allocating renovations more efficiently and reducing the amount of unbilled householdwater. For the end-user this means fewer water use interruptions, better security of water supply and higher water quality.

All we need is a map

Ordering an inspection is easy, as we only need a map of the water supply network in the area. Based on the map we make the measuring plan and an offer for a condition inspection of the water supply network. The study does not affect water use and no special arrangements are required.


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