We carry out the condition inspections on the water supply and sewer networks

It is always worth analyzing first. The condition inspection based on Aquapriori measuring method and machine learning is an effortless way to verify the networks condition. All we need is a map of the area, and we will provide you with information on the actual state of the network inspected. Check out our services.

Our Services

Water Supply Network

The inspection is based on the measuring results of the water flow characteristics (flow + pressure) and the certain parameters of the water sample.

Sewer Network

With our innovative AquaDuoscope® measuring method we can determine the amount of infiltration/inflow (I/I – rainwater, surface/ground water) in the sanitary sewer collection system.

Our Operating Principles

We measure the technical condition of the water supply / sewer network

Our innovative measuring methods provide a real-time and accurate information on the technical condition of the water supply / sewer network. This information makes it easy to target the restructuring operations to the most critical parts of the networks on time.

The inspections do not pose a hygiene risk

The most important thing in the water supply network inspections is hygiene.

We operate independently

We operate independently We carry out the inspections entirely independently. We only need a map of the water supply / sewer network in the area to be inspected.