Condition classification for water pipes


In a cooperation project with Satu Kuparinen (Ramboll), we created a classification tool for the underground water pipelines. It helps our customers, the water municipalities, to classify and give the technical condition grade for the cast iron and steel water pipes.

Classification is based on the measured information out of the pipelines. By using our AquaTrioscope® technique on measuring the flow rate, water pressure, and analyzing the content of the water sample, we can diagnose the technical condition of the pipeline.

When the diagnosis gives high AquaTrioscope® scoring, like 80-100, it means that the technical condition of the pipeline is good. If this water pipe were dug up, it would look almost like new. There wouldn´t be any signs of corrosion damage on the pipe surface, no wear and tear, or changes in pipe wall thickness. Its risk rating is minimal and it doesn´t require any repair. This pipe could look like this:

The condition is totally different with “Bad” graded pipelines. In AquaTrioscope® measurings they have got the lowest possible scoring, between 0-20, and have an extremely serious risk rating level. These pipes have encountered significant corrosion damage, wear and tear, and significant changes in wall thickness. The pipe is almost clogged with iron manganese. These pipes should have been replaced years ago! This pipe could look like this:

Condition Class for cast iron water pipes gives us a tool for determining the technical condition of the pipeline underground, still in use, but under consideration of renewals. It helps us to prioritize the order of the pipeline renovations and remediations.


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