We at Aquapriori cherish water.

Clean water is a lifeline for all of us. A poorly maintained water supply network exposes it to pipe breaks, where precious water is wasted. Besides, a poorly maintained network increases the risk of contamination.

The poor condition of the sewer network is also a major threat to our lakes, rivers and seas. infiltration/inflow enters into a poorly maintained and broken sanitary sewer collection system, ending at a wastewater treatment plant. The capacity of wastewater pumping stations and treatment plants is exceeded when unbearable much I/I enters the pipelines with exceptional heavy rainfall and meltwater. The treatment process is then disrupted, and untreated wastewater must be discharged untreated directly into the rivers, lakes, seas – untreated directly to the environment.

We are experts in the condition inspections of the water supply and the sewer network. We produce information of these networks for our customers so they are able to maintain the water supply and sewer network in good enough condition to avoid the contamination of the environment. We help them to prioritize renovations on time to the most critical pipelines. By doing this we carry out our mission to cherish water.

Aquapriori Originated in Polluted Seawater

Aquapriori’s entrepreneur Harri Rautio has always been passionate about water. The impetus for the birth of Aquaprior was given by Harri’s pain a few years ago while boating at sea, trying to find a clean water place for children to swim near the beach. The algae rafts that surrounded each other made the family think about what kind of waters near which their children would grow up and what kind of attitude towards water he wanted to teach them. The water’s filth and people’s indifference to the water made Harri think that something had to be done about it.

”Clean water is such a fine and valuable thing that the world’s water resources need to be safeguarded. And my part in this is to ensure that both the water supply and sewer network are in good enough condition.”

We help to prioritize renovations on time to the most critical sites instead of renovations based on, for example, the age of the pipeline.

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