Condition survey on a water supply network. Corrosion, as well as iron and manganese deposits both inside and outside the pipes, deteriorate the water supply network. We conduct surveys using the patented Finnish AquaTrioscope® measuring method and find these true risk areas in the network. After the condition survey, the renovations can be directed precisely at the right pipe sections instead of carrying them out on the basis of, e.g., the age of the pipe system. Age is no reason for replacement – abrasion is.


Dimensionally accurate network survey

The AquaTrioscope®method is based on the measurement of the flow characteristics (pressure and flow rate) and quality values of the water in the network. The measurements are carried out via the fire hydrants in the water supply network. We guarantee the good hygiene of our surveys, as we do not insert any measuring devices inside the pipes. The measurements do not cause any interruptions in the water supply.

After the measurements, the values are calculated and the results are analyzed. The end result is the technical risk analysis of the network. The area to be surveyed can be an individual district or a whole water supply network.

Prioritization of networks to be renovated

Thanks to the accurate real-time condition survey, the sites to be renovated can be prioritized on the basis of the actual condition of the pipe system, which brings significant cost and resource savings.

For the water supply company that provides the water, this means:

  • the opportunity to direct the limited funds to the precisely right sites
  • the rationalization of work
  • more effective allocation of purchased services → cost savings
  • more carefully targeted renovations → cost savings
  • the rationalization of the resources of the subcontracting network
  • the opportunity to reduce the amount of unbilled water. When the water supply network has been maintained well, the water reaches the intended destination.

For the end user of water, this means:

  • fewer interruptions in the water supply
  • a more even quality of water
  • clean high-quality water is available when needed
  • less expensive water.


All we need is a map of the water supply network

Ordering the survey is easy, as, in order to conduct the survey, we only need a map of the water supply network in the area to be examined.

On the basis of the survey results, we produce a report and a technical risk analysis for the water supply network. With the aid of the information provided by the risk analysis, it is easy to direct the renovation measures to the most critical parts of the water supply network.



There is no reason to keep on guessing, so do not hesitate to contact us! Together, we’ll devise a plan for surveying the condition of your networks.

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