We detect the leakage water in your sewer network

We carry out condition surveys on sewer networks. The condition of the network is determined on the basis of the amount of leakage water, i.e., on the basis of the amount of rainwater and stormwater. The more leakage water is found in the sewer network, the poorer the condition of the network.

AquaDuoscope® measuring method

Leakage water can enter the network through, e.g., the leaking seam of an individual drainage well, weak pipe joints, or a broken pipeline. In some areas, the rainwater coming from the roofs and drain pipes of buildings is directed to the sewer network. With the aid of the AquaDuoscope® measuring method we have put on the market, we can find the leakage water in the sewer network.

We analyze the flow rate and composition of the wastewater. This information helps us determine a condition index for the sewer network. The information on the condition report that we have produced helps direct the renovation measures at the right sewer lines, i.e., the ones that leak the most.

Leakage water away from the sewer network

The condition of the sewer network is surveyed via the pipelines that enter the wells. The flow rate of the water in the pipeline is measured, and the composition of the wastewater is determined, with the aid of a sample. The sample is analyzed using the instruments in the measurement vehicle. When wastewater is mixed with leakage water, its composition changes and that is reflected in the results of the analysis. On the basis of the measurements, we can determine whether leakage water flows into the sewer line in question. Furthermore, we can also determine the share (l/m) and percentage (%) of the leakage water of the line’s total flow rate.

We start taking the measurements “downstream”, i.e., at the front well of the wastewater treatment plant or wastewater pumping station, and proceed “upstream” to the crossing well of the next sewer line. In the case of lines that contain leakage water, we always proceed to the next drainage well. We examine the line well by well until we find the leak or the real estate that directs its stormwater and drainage water into the wastewater network.

All we need is a map of the sewer network

Ordering the survey is easy, as, in order to conduct the survey, we only need a map of the sewer network in the area to be examined. We submit a tender and provide a plan for a condition survey on the sewer network in the area. The results will be presented in the sewer network condition report that illustrates whether, and to which extent, the sewer network needs to be renovated.


There is no reason to keep on guessing, so do not hesitate to contact us! Together, we’ll devise a plan for surveying the condition of your networks.

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