Condition Survey on the Water Supply Network in the Area of the Savonlinna Central Hospital

The network in the area surrounding the Savonlinna Central Hospital was rather old, and it had been renovated in part. The technical condition of the unrenovated part of the network was a mystery that needed to be solved. Surveying the network in the area was also challenging due to the fact that the examined network was the source for the water used in the hospital. We were reminded many times to exercise particular caution in the area. We believe that Aquapriori was selected to implement the condition survey for the very reason that we do not pose a health risk to the network under examination. We do not insert any survey devices inside the pipes, but analyze the water samples taken from the network. The renovated part of the network provided us with a point of reference, with which we compared the results obtained from the other measurement points. The taking of measurements went well, except for the time when we had to ask the driver of a car to move their vehicle away from the cover of a fire hydrant at which we were taking measurements. For the condition indexing we usually carry out, the area we examined was too small and there were not enough fire hydrants. For this reason, the amount of data obtained from the measurement points was not sufficient for the indexing, either. However, with the aid of the AquaTrioscope® method, we were able to provide the old network with a clear condition rating and recommendations for measures concerning its renovation. This gave the client the opportunity to avoid pipe breaks by renovating the network section that was in the poorest condition and the possibly fatal consequences a pipe break could have for the critical end user of the water.


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