Condition Survey on the Main Pipelines of the Water Supply Network at the City Center of Kuopio

In the examined area, a total of 12 measurement points were visited. On the basis of the results from those points, the condition of the main pipelines of the water supply network was determined for an approximately 4-km section. The area we examined included the 100-year-old network section that was to be renovated. According to our measurements, the 100-year-old section was in a relatively good condition. Thus, we proved the fact, generally recognized in the water services industry, that a pipe as old as this can easily be in better condition than a pipe that has been laid 60–70 years later. Therefore, age is not always a reason for replacement.

A funny incident took place in Kuopio when a fire truck arrived at the site in the middle of the measurements and one of the firemen came to inquire what we were doing. We told him about the survey. Due to human error, they had not been informed of the survey, so they had to come to the site and check the situation. Some vigilant citizen had alerted the fire department about water flowing on the street. Apparently, there is room for improvement when it comes to the inclinations next to the street inlets. We did, however, manage the situation and got out of it with dry feet.
Thanks to our survey, we were able to direct the renovations at a more deteriorated 1.5-km section of the 4-km network. For Kuopion Vesi, this meant the effective allocation of renovations and cost savings.


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