Leakage Water Survey in the Sahanmäki Area in Hyvinkää

In the Sahanmäki area, the problem was the leakage water in the sewer network. When it rained, the amount of water flowing to the pumping stations as much as doubled in some cases. We devised a measurement plan for the area, and started to implement it when the amount of rain was suitable for the task. We began taking the measurements at the lowest measurement point in the area and proceeded until we had visited each crossing well indicated in the plan. With the aid of the measurements, we were able to locate the three leaks that were the sources for the leakage water. These sites produced approximately 85% of the leakage water in the entire area. We reported the results to the client, which verified the leaks and took measures to repair them. After having taken the measures recommended in the condition report, the client can consider the amount of excessive water flowing into the sewer network to have been reduced by up to 50%. At the same time, the client can consider to be saving significant amounts of the taxpayers’ money.


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