We have helped our clients with their renovation decisions – to renovate or not to renovate (yet).
We have also helped them put the sites to be renovated in order based on their criticality,
schedule future renovations, and optimize the renovation budget.

Leakage Water Survey in the Sahanmäki Area in Hyvinkää

In the Sahanmäki area, the problem was the leakage water in the sewer network. When it rained, the amount of water flowing to the pumping stations as much as doubled in some cases. We devised a measurement plan for the area, and … Read more

Condition Survey on the Water Supply Network in the Area of the Savonlinna Central Hospital

The network in the area surrounding the Savonlinna Central Hospital was rather old, and it had been renovated in part. The technical condition of the unrenovated part of the network was a mystery that needed to be solved. Surveying the network in … Read more

Leakage Water Survey on the Sewer Network in Korpo, Pargas

We got to conduct an interesting survey in the beautiful Finnish archipelago of Korpo. In Korpo, efforts had been made to renovate the sewer network, and that was also reflected in the measurement results. Except for a few leaks, the network and … Read more

Condition Survey on the Main Pipelines of the Water Supply Network at the City Center of Kuopio

In the examined area, a total of 12 measurement points were visited. On the basis of the results from those points, the condition of the main pipelines of the water supply network was determined for an approximately 4-km section. The area we … Read more

Leakage Water Survey on the Sewer Network in Reposaari

Pori Porin Vesi ordered an leakage water survey for the Reposaari area. In the survey area, we analyzed the flow rate and quality of the wastewater via the wastewater inspection wells. We found two significant causes of leakage water at the site, … Read more

Leak Survey on a Water Pipe in Toija, Salo

In the Toija area in Salo, we looked for and found a water pipe leak by carrying out careful geospatial analyses in the survey area and devising a plan for tracking the leak. The leak was tracked by taking water samples from … Read more

Leakage Water Survey on the Sewer Network in Ritoniemi, Jyväskylä

We began the leak survey on the sewer network in Ritoniemi, Jyväskylä, by dividing the 15-km network into subcatchments and measuring the total leakage in the area. This revealed the three catchments with the most leakage. These areas were then examined more … Read more

Leakage Water Survey on the Sewer Network in Kinkomaa, Muurame

Our first sewer network survey was conducted in Kinkomaa, Muurame. There we launched our AquaDuoscope® survey method. The purpose of the survey was to locate the source of the leakage water accumulated in the catchment of the area’s pumping station. The area … Read more

Public Water Utility of the City of Järvenpää

Järvenpään Vesi ordered a condition survey on the water supply network in the Kaakkola area. The approximately 6-km network was rather old and some problems had already arisen in the area, so the need for renovation was great. The client wanted to … Read more

Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority, Water Services Lintuvaara in Espoo

Lintuvaara in Espoo is an old idyllic area with single-family homes. It was know that the water supply network in the area was at the end of its technical lifespan. The survey was to be conducted on approximately 6 kilometers of the … Read more

Public Water Utility of the City of Turku

Our survey showed that the water supply networks in the area were in a relatively good condition. Surprisingly enough, the network in Runosmäki was in a better condition than the approximately 10 years younger network in Nättinummi. Thus, the renovation budget allocated … Read more

The water supply network in Lentilä, Akaa

The water supply network in Lentilä, Akaa, was the first site we surveyed in 2011. The entire 2.5-km network in the area proved to be in poor condition. With the aid of our survey, we were able to determine the best order … Read more

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