We Cherish Water

Clean water is essential to all of us. A water supply network that is in poor condition is susceptible to pipe breaks, which then result in the loss of precious water. What is more, a network that is in poor condition increases the risk of contamination.

The poor condition of water supply networks also poses a threat to our clean waters. Rainwater and stormwater often flow into deteriorated and broken sewer networks, after which these excess waters end up at wastewater treatment plants along with wastewater. During exceptionally heavy rainfall and at the times when meltwater is created, the amount of water may exceed the capacity of the wastewater pumping stations and wastewater treatment plant. This, on the other hand, disturbs the purification process and causes unpurified wastewater to be directed into local bodies of water or the environment.

We are an expert in water supply and sewer network condition surveys. We produce information on the actual condition of water supply networks with our patented Finnish AquaTrioscope® measuring method by analyzing the flow characteristics and quality values of water. We identify the leaks in wastewater sewers with the aid of the sewer application of the AquaTrioscope® method.

We help our clients prioritize so that the renovations are directed, at the right time, to the most critical sites instead of carrying out the renovations on the basis of, e.g., the age of the pipe system.



Aquapriori Oy Was Established Due to Contaminated Sea Water

Harri Rautio, the entrepreneur behind Aquapriori, has always been passionate about water. The decision to set up Aquapriori was based on Harri’s experience from a few years back when he was boating at sea and became frustrated because he was unable to find an area near the beach where the children could swim in clean water. The blooms of algae floating everywhere made the family man think about what kinds of bodies of water he would want his children to grown near and what kind of an attitude towards water he would like to teach to them. The dirtiness of the bodies of water and the indifferent attitude of people towards water made Harri realize that something needed to be done.

Clean water is such a precious and valuable thing that the world’s water resources must be secured. Harri sees that his part in all this is to secure the sufficient technical condition of both water supply and sewer networks.


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