We carry out condition surveys on water supply and sewer networks. With the aid of these surveys, we make sure that every liter of water reaches its destination. We measure the condition of the water supply or sewer network.

We carry out condition surveys on water supply and sewer networks

We analyze the flow characteristics and quality values of water using the patented AquaTrioscope® method that is based on a Finnish innovation. We produce dimensionally accurate real-time information on the technical condition of water supply and sewer networks. Thanks to the condition reports, it is easier to direct the renovation measures at the most deteriorated parts of the networks at the right time.

We do not pose a health risk with our operations

When surveying water supply networks, good hygiene is the most important matter. We guarantee good hygiene, as we do not insert any measuring devices inside the pipes.

We operate independently

 We carry out our field surveys completely independently. For the survey, we only need a map of the water supply network in the area to be surveyed. We take care of the traffic arrangements, equipment, and workforce.

There is no reason to keep on guessing, so do not hesitate to contact us! Together, we’ll devise a plan for surveying the condition of your networks.

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